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scrutflap asked:

Would you subject yourself to the torture of Charmed season nine with Linkara? Comics are kinda his thing. I completely understand if you just want to throw Charmed into the trash after season eight though.


This has always been a solo endeavor, so that’s how it’s staying. But aside from that, Lewis doesn’t know much about Charmed (as far as I know), so I don’t think he’d have much to say about it. But really this particular format just doesn’t lend itself to crossovers as well, and since it’s more about the continuation of the Charmed story it’s better that I just focus on that.



Man!  That Tax!  And those Building Codes!  They remain hot-button issues well into the Fourth Season of the Twilight Zone (seen here are stills from “The Mighty Casey,” “To Serve Man” and one of our more recent episodes, "The Parallel")

If anyone has ever wondered about the occasional jokes I’ll make about newspapers relating to “New Petitions Against Tax” and “Building Code Under Fire.” Well, these are some of the examples of the stock uses of them.  ^_~

I have to remember to use these stock headlines next time a newpaper shows up in Red Knight.


Looks like it’s official! My new series SKINNED is coming out through monkeybraincomics

The series is co-written with Tim Daniel, art by Joshua Gowdy, and letters by Matthew Meylikhov. We couldn’t be happier with MonkeyBrain taking a chance on this ambitious series, and look forward to finally sharing it with readers. 

"At its core, the series is about two star-crossed lovers living in an archaic future city that believe reality is a disease. Separated by a societal caste system, an heiress and a boy from the slums manage to find each other in a city that has given its citizens the ability to choose from a multitude of realities via ocular lenses. Their struggle: Never losing site of each other in this ever changing landscape."

You can pre-order here. Issue #1 will be available on 4/16. 







Yes Wonder Woman… Hmm. Why are her boobs bigger than her head tho? …Brainwashing indeed. #Oxymoron

Why should her breasts (COMPLETELY COVERED by a CONSERVATIVE BUSINESS JACKET) have anything to do with her as a character—her intelligence, power or ability to be taken seriously when she speaks? #twat

I’m going to point out that the issue I always hear people have with Wonder Woman is her uniform. But Wonder Woman is a goddamn diplomat, an intelligent woman, and that doesn’t change no matter what she’s wearing. Most of the time, this is how she dresses anyway. You know, like the professional she is. But it’s dismissed. As if showing skin makes her a dumb, useless, blow up doll who can smash. 

And let’s fucking face it, if I looked half as good as her I’d wear shorts and tank-tops all year round and that wouldn’t affect my abilities as an engineer any more than her uniform affects her abilities to be everything she is in a business suit.






And furthermore, let me explain something to you about female anatomy.


Does that make them brainwashed? No! That just means they probably have a hell of a harder time finding a bra than you tumblr user iturban.

Seriously, a woman’s intelligence is not determined by her breasts.

The organ that you’re thinking of is the brain.

I don’t even like superhero comics and cartoons and Wonder Woman is still one of the best role models

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