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therealmanos asked:

Hello, I gotta say you're one of my favorite Steven Universe blogs. I wanted to throw a theory at you I've had since Ocean Gem. I believe Rose & the Crystal Gems fought against their own leaders (Diamond: The figure from Serious Steven.) and are considered criminals. I wonder if the monsters were also Crystal Gems that were punished. Lapus returning to their homeworld might result in them learning they're still alive. BTW, I can't help but wonder who sent the Red Eye?


Oh man *resists the urge to faint* I’m ecstatic that you consider my humble blog interesting enough to be one of your favourites. I’ve seen you around quite a bit too, and I am all too happy to receive your thrown theory.

I’ve been considering that too, it would definitely be a huge act of treason if they went directly against their superiors. Considering how closely Amethyst and Pearl follow Garnet’s orders, it’s possible that disobedience is highly frowned upon in gem society too. That would, in essence, make the crimes of the Crystal Gems even worse. In that case though, the question would be: why would the other Gems on their home world, if there are still any, not have directly settled the situation by now? What happened that caused Earth to escape being invaded to arrest the Crystal Gems in light of such a treasonous crime?

I think we all can’t wait to see what Lapis’ return will bring. Probably nothing good for the Crystal Gems.

The Red Eye is definitely an interesting object though. Since it’s implied that any other Gems on their home world don’t know about the situation on earth, it doesn’t seem like someone actively sent it recently. Maybe it had just been hurling around space for a couple of centuries before sensing Crystal Gems nearby and changing course to impact it. Guess that’s yet another mystery we’ll have to see unveil.

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